Saturday, November 17, 2012

Menu Math Madness

As my class has been rapping up our Numbers in Base Ten Units (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals), I've been trying to come up with creative activities to use with them to test their mastery of the content.  I began with my Thanksgiving Menu Math activity.  I've recently created a Christmas version.

In my Christmas Menu Math activity, students will need to calculate the cost of a grocery list of items that are needed for a family that is preparing for their annual Christmas Eve celebrations.  They will be given a menu of items at the store along with a grocery list.  They will need to be able to multiply decimals by decimals and whole numbers in order to find out the total cost of the items.  They will also need to calculate sales tax in order to find a total.  

The second part of the activity has students using coupons to decrease the cost of the bill.  They will need to again use decimal multiplication and subtraction to find the new totals.  Five short answer questions are included in order to have students explain their logic and reasoning to some of their answers.  

Here is what the activity looks like:

I have another activity that I'm working on that will also test these skills and more, in my upcoming "Santa's Shopping Spree."  Check back for more details on this and a link to the item as soon as it's finished just before Thanksgiving.  

Terry :)

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