Thursday, January 31, 2013

Plotting Fractions

As we near the end of our fractions unit, I am finishing up with our last Common Core Standard - Fraction Line Plots.  I've only found a few resources to help with teaching this to my kids and I really wanted to get them engaged in an activity instead of just giving them another practice worksheet.  Lo and behold, an idea came to me!  I thought of Fraction Line Plot Activities to create.

I started quickly making task cards of different sized nails (which I got from my co-worker who drew them for his Chemical and Physical Change Clipart.  - So the nail's rusty - chemical change).

Anyway, I made enough task cards so that all of my students would have one on a line plot and they would be of varying lengths of a unit.  Here's what one of the sets looks like:
Each student had to determine the length of their nail as a fraction of an inch by looking at the line plot below it.  From there, I had a large line plot posted on the promethean and each student came up to plot their fraction.   This really test their ability to find equivalent fractions, multiply fractions, and add fractions together with unlike denominators.
As each student came up, the others had a worksheet at their desk to plot each other student's fraction until we had the entire class set:

Here was the finished product: 

The final step was to answer questions about the data presented.  I decided to make 2 additional versions of this with other objects so that I can do more practice in the future.   This activity worked fantastically and I've found other ways to vary it.  I have also split my class into small groups of 8 or so students to make the problems a little easier (since there were fewer fractions to plot).  They worked together as a group to share their fractions and each make their own plot on their paper using this information.  Then, they solved the problems as a group.  

For more information on how to introduce and teach fraction line plots, check out my other resource:  Fraction Line Plot Packet.


  1. Is there any way that you could post all of the task cards? I am having a difficult time finding activities to go along with this standard. I love this!

  2. Anna,

    You can find the entire product here:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. What a great, interactive lesson! I will have to remember this when I teach about line plots!
    Melissa :)