Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Trip to Italy and a Foreign Currency Project FREEBIE!

Well I just got back from 10 glorious days in Italy and I have to say that I think I mastered the jet lag!  I had an amazing time with a friend from college as we traveled to Milan, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Florence, Orvieto, and finally, Rome.  I had some incredible food, bought a few souvenirs, and had quite an experience with the locals.  This was my 4th trip to Italy, so most of the places were familiar, and I was lucky that I know enough Italian to communicate with those who didn't speak English.  Here is a collage of several of the places I visited:

One thing that I love to do is take some of my hobbies from my life outside of school and connect them with the curriculum in my classroom.  For the past few years, I have used the end of the school year (after testing is over) to teach my students about foreign currency and exchange rates.  I love traveling to other countries, and so do some of my students.  Since we teach multiplication of decimals, this is a great way to incorporate real life situations into the classroom.  I have several worksheets that I have found online to have my students practice converting from one currency to another so that they can practice this decimal multiplication, as well as understand the idea of how money and currency rates differ from country to country.

A lot of my students take trips overseas during the summers, so it's fun for them to learn how their American money will be worth a different amount in the country they are visiting.  After I teach my students how to convert, I give them a Foreign Currency Conversion Project.  This is a free project that I have created in which students create a business in another country.  They make a visual for their business (either a store window, restaurant menu, etc.)  They learn about the country's currency and create their own real world word problems for their business in which another student will need to solve problems that involve converting money to a new currency.  Here is what the activity looks like:

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the highlights of my trip and I look forward to hearing how this activity works in each of your own classrooms!


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  1. Your pictures are amazing! How could you not have had a great time?
    Thanks for the freebie!


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