Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where Did the Summer Go?!

I don't know about all of you, but my summer has FLOWN!  I return back to school for pre-planning on July 30th so my mind is spinning with ideas on how to get ready for the new school year.  I would love to spruce up my classroom this year, so I've been browsing through pinterest for some new ideas.  I started a new board for all of my new classroom decor ideas and I'm trying to narrow some of them down.  Here are some of the adorable ideas that I'm considering for my room:

I love the idea of turning crates into little seats for the kids.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure how this would hold up with 5th graders.

I would love to make my desk a little more cozy and cute with some little lamps and decorations like in the photo below:

Polka dots are absolutely adorable, but I'm not sure if the 5th grade boys would be too excited about it.

I would love to see some more examples of what all of you have done with your classrooms in the past.  Please feel free to comment with any links to pictures, stores where you get your furniture and decorations, or pin them to my pinterest board.

I can't wait to hear some new ideas!

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