Monday, August 5, 2013

Setting Up My Classroom: AFTER!

I can't believe how quickly pre-planning has flown by.  I began setting up my classroom about 2 weeks ago (slowly but surely).  Today we met our students who begin on Wednesday, so my room is finally ready!  If you didn't see my before pictures, check them out HERE.  I do not typically like a lot of clutter, so I try to keep things bright and spacious.  

This first picture shows the general "after" of my room.  I like to keep all of my students' books in cubbies at the front of the room to give them more room in their desks.  It's also a great way for me to quickly see who is missing a book!  I keep them all numbered.  I have decided to start the seating arrangement in groups, but with so many kids, I may try out a few different options as the year progresses.  
Here's a quick little before/after collage of my writing desk and hallway bulletin board.  I want to have a fun little corner where I can send students to work on special projects or even a reward for students during writing time.  I took an old wooden desk and spray painted it fun colors.  The bulletin board will have my students' names on the stars and then the first week I will take a picture of each of them to put with their stars.  My class is always nicknamed the "Abro Allstars" to go with my last name.  I love having a tradition each year, so I'm going to continue with it.
Finally, I want to show you some of my classroom organization.  On the left, you can see my classroom supplies.  I have them in plastic bins that I bought from Target last year and stuck them on a shelf that I bought from Target this year and spray painted.  (The spray paint has been peeling off and does not look that great anymore - I probably wouldn't try this again!)  On the top right, I have black plastic shelves that I got from Office Depot for students to turn in their classwork.  Each shelf is for a different subject so I can easily organize them for grading.  On the bottom right is my homework board.  I put it in order so that it matches the students' agendas.  Every morning I have my kids come in and write their homework down in their agendas right away, and then have 2 agenda checkers keep track and make sure that every student has done this so that everybody remembers their homework!  
I hope you like my new classroom as much as I do!  I think I'm just about ready to head back to school now :)


  1. Your room looks great!! I tried to go for less clutter this year too. Always a work in progress though!