Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Decimal Task Card Centers

This week I have been working on comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals with my class, so I would like to give them some additional practice next week as we head into adding and subtracting decimals.  I'm finally starting to get in the Halloween spirit, so I decided to make some themed task cards for decimal practice in my classroom.  You can get this entire pack {HERE}.

On Thursday, I gave my students a Halloween activity for ordering decimals that I created.  They are given a page with 2 grave stones (with decimals 1.0 and 2.0) and 10 pumpkins, all with decimals on them.  They place the graves on either end of a sentence strip, and have to order the pumpkins from least to greatest between the values of the two graves.  (This activity is also included in the Halloween task card pack).
coloring the graves and pumpkins
ordering the decimals from least to greatest
Below is a preview of some of the task cards that are included in the pack.  I plan to spread out the different sets over a couple of days leading up to Halloween on Thursday.   The task cards are placed on desks around the room, and students are given a recording sheet to write their answers.
I am so excited to celebrate Halloween in math next week and have an opportunity to observe and assess my students' mastery of decimals.

Happy Halloween!!!

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