Monday, November 4, 2013

Name Tag Math Centers

I am always trying to find new and creative ways to have my students practice the skills we are learning in math.  Worksheets are incredibly boring for kids and I try to use them as little as possible.  Task cards have been increasingly popular for me in the last year, but these can also become somewhat monotonous if I use them too often, so I came up with a new partner-type center that I call my Name Tag Math Centers.

I have the following sets available:  one for all of the Numbers in Base Ten standards, FractionsFraction word problems, Measurment, and the 12 Days of Christmas with Decimals.  I like to use these when we complete one of these groups of standards, or they can also be great as a review just before state standardized testing.  It's a fantastic review.
I also have these available by unit to go along with my states's curriculum map and scope and sequence, which really works out perfectly as a review activity for my 5th Grade Math Test Bundle
The units I have area:

You can buy them in a BUNDLE and save, or individually below:



Here's how it works:  Each sheet has two problems on it.  You print the pages on heavy cardstock (for best results) and fold the paper in half.  This creates a name tag style.  You place each "name tag" between two desks and pair students up with a partner.  

Each student sits across from their partner at each station and complete the problem on their side.  I have labeled them Player A and Player B to make it easier because I made the problems on Player B's side slightly more challenging.  Each student writes their answer down on their recording sheet and then shows their partner their answer.  

Each person has their partner's answer on their side, so they can easily check their partner's answer to see if it is correct.  If it is incorrect, I encourage them to help their partner try to find their mistake and work to get the correct answer.  You want to pick the partners carefully so that the experience will be worthwhile for both students in each pair.
I was very impressed with my students' enthusiasm for working through these with their partners and their willingness to work together.  It was a great way to change up our usual routine for review.  



  1. These look fabulous! I am heading over to check these out.. thank you for sharing!!



  2. What a great idea! Will be checking those out.