Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Math Unit Binder Covers for 5th Grade

Today we had, what I would call, a "temperature day".  That means that school was canceled to do extremely low temperatures for Georgia.  Being from the north, I had never heard of such a thing since we often wouldn't have school canceled unless there was a significant amount of snow or ice.  As long as the roads were plowed and salted, we were going to school.

As I prepare to head back to school, I am working on planning for the beginning of our fractions unit.  In Georgia, we are provided with a curriculum map, which details seven math units with each Common Core Standard divided up among them.  This helps us to plan out which standards we will teach, and when.  In addition, we are given frameworks (a packet of activities along with detailed lesson plans) to accompany the unit.  I often use the frameworks for either introductory activities or projects throughout each unit.

I wanted to share with you how I organize the 5th grade frameworks.  At the beginning of the school year, I bought seven small binders (one for each unit) and created a cover page to insert in the front so that they were clearly visible.
As we approach each unit, I print the frameworks from our district's website and put them into their respective binder.  I keep all the binders labeled and in order on a shelf behind my desk, which makes it very easy to share with my team.  They come in my room, grab the binder, make their copies, and bring it back.  It's become a pretty good system.

As you can see, today I've been keeping warm with some yummy hot chocolate while I work on my plans.  If you'd like to have these to help organize your units, you can get them HERE for free.  In the your organized binders, you can also include other activities, lesson plans, and assessments, including my 5th Grade Math Test Bundle.
Enjoy these and I hope you all stay warm in all of the other parts of the country that are affected by the polar vortex!


  1. Were you in Georgia 4 years ago when schools were closed due to flooding? What about 9 years ago when schools closed during a gas issue, the goverrnor asked us to shut down to save gas and oil. You just never know which way things go in Georgia!

    1. Laura,

      I was in Georgia for the flooding 4 years ago. It was crazy. I was not there 9 years ago but had heard about that one, too. There aren't too many things that are surprising me in Georgia anymore. Maybe the next day off will be for it being too hot.