Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Remembering Teresa

In July I joined a group of amazing teachers to collaborate, communicate, commiserate, and support each other in the classroom, on our blogs, on Teachers Pay Teachers, and in our personal lives.  I have grown very close to this group of ladies (even if most of our interactions are on the internet) and we were devastated to have recently learned that we lost one of our own, Teresa from Second Grade Pig Pen.

I did not know Teresa for very long, but I was very lucky to have been able to meet her in person this fall and learn how funny she was and how much she loved teaching.  I love that we both share the name Teresa (even if I spell mine with an "h") and one of my favorite memories was her sending us a video of her "happy dance" when we launched our collaborative blog last summer.

Losing a friend is never easy, but I know that Teresa is in a better place, smiling down on all of us, and doing her happy dance.  Enjoy every single day and don't waste a minute.  We'll miss you, Teresa.

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