Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pinterest Board Makeover!

Summer is almost over and I have a small amount of time to get things organized before I head back to school in just under 2 weeks.  One of the best things I learned at the TpT conference in Vegas was that my Pinterest page was a hot mess.  Thanks to the advice of Mr. John C Hughes of Created by MrHughes, I have decided to give my Pinterest board covers a nice makeover and really work on the content inside of each board.  (**Caution - I am still working on the content of each board - it takes a while!**)

To get my boards looking beautiful, I used a tutorial from Ladybugs Teacher Files on how to make and post cover pages.  If your boards need some help, I definitely suggest checking out her post.  It's a very easy step-by-step guide to making new board covers and it's fantastic!

Here's what mine look like now:
I wanted to try and keep my blog and logo colors and also keep them somewhat clean and clutter-free.

If you have any fantastic blog posts of ideas for your classroom that I can pin to my boards please leave them in the comments section and I would love to share them.  I would like to avoid product posts, so please comment with some unique things that you do with your students that are not product-related.  This could be a game, classroom procedure, etc.

I look forward to checking out some of your ideas, especially as I'm getting ready to head back to school!  Enjoy these last few precious weeks of summer :)

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  1. This looks awesome. I really need to do the same thing with my Pinterest boards. It's crazy how many little things there are to do when it comes to social media.