Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two For Tuesday ~ 7/1

Hey everybody.  It's time for another Two For Tuesday!  If you're new to my blog, Two For Tuesday is part of a Summer Bloggin' Series over at a blog I collaborate on with our bloggers, called The Teaching Tribune.  On Tuesdays, myself and other bloggers put two products on sale for 50% off and then we all link up together on our collaborative blog so that you can easily see what others have on sale.
Today I have two big resources I'm putting on sale.  The first one is my Bull Run Novel Study Unit.  This unit goes along with the novel Bull Run by Paul Fleischmann.  It contains character analysis sheets, Venn diagrams to compare characters, settings, and events, questions, quizzes, figurative language activities, final project, and a differentiated end-of-book test.  Originally $15, today this novel study is $7.50!  This is a perfect unit for your reading block as you study the Civil War.
The second resource I have on sale is another novel unit for The Orphan of Ellis Island.  This novel is great to read while studying Immigration and Ellis Island.  It contains vocabulary activities, figurative language activities, questions, characters organizers, differentiated end-of-book test and more.  Originally $8.75, today you can get it for $4.38.
I hope you enjoy today's Two For Tuesday.  Don't forget to head on over to The Teaching Tribune to see who else is participating!

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