Saturday, August 2, 2014

Classroom Reveal!!! 2014-2015 School Year

I think we can all agree that summer has absolutely flown by this year.  I can't believe my week of pre-planning is over and the first day of school is on Monday!

This week I've been hard at work in my classroom getting things organized and ready for my students.  Check out what my classroom looks like this year:
I changed my desk organization from the way I had it at the beginning of last year.  I tried this out at the end of the year and I really like how it allowed my room to have a lot more space.

I also love how I changed my reading corner this year.  I used to have a bookshelf that came out from the wall to close off the reading corner, but it ended up becoming a blockade and I was unable to keep an eye on students from my desk.  I solved this by placing a large table there which will function as an area to work with a small group.  Now I can see through the table to the reading area.  I also moved the other book case into another corner of my room to make a quiet reading area for another group of students.
Organization is huge for me.  I've come up with a few methods of organization over the last couple years that have really worked.  I like having paper trays for students to turn in assignments and notes.  I also have great new supply cubbies!  I put all student textbooks into cubbies to save room in their desks.  My bulletin boards are always a struggle for me, so this year I wanted to try something fun.  I created an Instagram bulletin board.  I'll show more about this another time so stay tuned...
I also designed some labels to make a schedule that I can hang up.  This year my schedule will be changing daily, so I need something that is functional for me to be able to move times and subjects around.  I keep all homework written on the board by subject so that students can easily write it into their agendas.  Putting felt on the bottom of my desks and chairs will hopefully eliminate some noise as students move about the classroom.  Finally, one of my most exciting additions to my classroom….I'll call it….my shade puller???  I don't know what I can really call it, but this handy device is going to assist me in pulling my shades up and down.  We have really high windows and I'm 5'1", so usually my shades are completely up, or completely down.  This year I don't have to worry about that anymore and I can change them as I wish!
I hope you like my classroom as much as I do!  I can't wait to show you more as the year continues.

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  1. Your room looks great! I start preplanning next week, but have set up parts of my room. Good luck in your first week with students!

    The Reinspired Teacher