Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Digraph Bundle Giveaway

Hey everybody!  My friend Karen over at An Element of Fun in First is allowing me to give away her Digraph Bundle :)  This includes all 3 of her digraph sets - /sh/, /th/, and /ch/. It's Common Core aligned, Orton-Gillingham based, and includes lesson plans, materials, and activities for 3 weeks. The giveaway ends Wednesday night at midnight (Thurs. morning) EST, so be sure to enter soon!
Use the rafflecopter below to enter, which is also available on my Facebook page:
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Good luck!!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

5th Grade Math Test Bundle

Are you looking to start planning out your math units?  I'm here to help!  Make your planning easier with my 5th Grade Math Tests.  These have been a true lifesaver for me in my classroom.  They are the perfect way to pre-asses your students, plan your unit, and then re-assess their mastery again at the end of the unit.  The best part of this bundle is the Excel data sheets that are included to allow you to track your students' mastery with DATA.

I have created a tutorial video to show you how to use the Excel data sheets.  This allows you to drive your instruction and differentiate students based on the pre-test mastery data.  You can also use it to see your students' growth. (PERFECT to show your administrators).  Included with each test is a link to the Excel tutorial video.

The Bundle contains 7 math tests - one for every unit that is based on the state of Georgia's scope and sequence for the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  The 7 units cover ALL of the 5th Grade Common Core State Standards.

Each individual test contains the following:
  • A 20 question, multiple choice pre-test with answer key
  • A different 20 question, multiple choice post-test 
  • A study guide with answer key
  • A student goals sheet for charting growth from the pre-test to the post-test
Each test is sold individually as well as in a  with quizzes and review centers, or individually by unit:

I'm so excited to share these resources with you.  They have been so helpful in pre-assessing, planning, and assessing my students for every math unit throughout the year.  It's helped to guide my instruction and show student growth.  I hope that you're able to find them as helpful in your classroom as I have in mine.