Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5th Grade Math Assessment Resource

Whenever summer a comes to an end, the first thing that's on my mind is how I can get myself as prepared as possible for the upcoming school year.  I'm back in pre-planning mode and I am really excited to share a resource with you that I think would REALLY help to save you some time this year.
I have recently bundled together all of my assessment resources into a MEGA BUNDLE.
It includes 7 units, each containing:
- a 20 question multiple choice pre and post-test (both are different but assess the same standards) for summative assessment
- student goals sheet for student goal-setting
- study guide for test preparation
- quizzes by standard for formative assessment
- Excel data sheets to provide data to drive your instruction, group students for differentiation, and chart student growth
- Video tutorial on how to use the Excel data sheets
- Name Tag Math Centers for review

Check out my video to see more detail about each of these and how you can use them in your classroom:

 I hope you this video was helpful in explaining what this resource includes and that you have a great new school year!

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  1. Scoop this up people! I've got all of Terry's Unit Math tests and use them! This is a great deal! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'