Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Civil War Interactive Notebook

Teaching the Civil War was not always fun for me.  History was not a strong suit of mine as a student, but I have really learned to appreciate and enjoy both learning and teaching Social Studies over the last few years.

This year I'm working on creating a resource for helping my students take notes while using our Social Studies textbook.  The book we use is Timelinks by Macmillan/McGraw Hill.  I recently created an interactive notebook for our first unit on The Civil War.

The notes go along with 5 lessons from Unit 1 in our book which also can be used with many other textbooks as well as curriculum.  Having an organized way to build my students' note is a priority not only for preparing for regular assessments, but it will be a great resource for them to have at the end of the year before our state assessments.  Below are images of each lesson's organizers:

My students have done a great job so far with organizing these notes and it has been a great way to keep all of their information in one place.  If you want to check out this resource further, go HERE.

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