Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Terry's Top 10 Tuesday: Things to Set Up in Your Classroom for theFirst Day of School

It's that time again!  It's time for Terry's Top 10 Tuesday :)  I'm so excited because this week's top 10 is occurring during my first week of school with students!  Monday was the day we meet our students and their parents, and tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  Eeeeek!

In preparation, I am going to share with you the op 10 things to set up in your classroom for the first day of school.  This is my way of doing my big "classroom reveal".

10.  Cute Lighting!
I am not a fan of fluorescent lights.  They wash out my skin and give an icky ambiance to the room.  I LOVE soft lighting that is also bright enough so that students can see clearly.

9.  School supplies
I love to have these organized and out of the way.  Students keep most of their supplies in our community area and personal supplies in a pencil pouch.

8.  Classroom Library
I'm still working on a better system for my library, but I currently have books sorted by genre as well as popular authors.

7.  An organized way to collect forms
Parents need visuals.  Tape each form onto an envelope and hang it on the board so that they get everything in the correct place.

6.  Desk formations
There is almost an art to this.  This year I have 30 students, so I have to get creative!
***disregard the mess. My kids brought their supplies last night.***
5.  Teacher desk area
I do not like clutter, so I try to keep this space as organized as possible.

4.  Carpet area
I love to do mini-lessons here where we are all comfy and cozy.

3.  Hallway Bulletin Board
This year I'm doing my Instagram theme again. :)

2.  The insides of your cabinets
My motto this year is:  If I didn't use it in the last 2 years, it's out of here!

1.  Whiteboard
I try to keep this space for homework and any small pieces of information during our lessons while keeping the majority of our work on the Promethean board.

What areas do you focus on setting up for the First Day of School?

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  1. I love the organization of your school supplies! I want a big cubby like that!