Sunday, March 13, 2016

Creating a Bibliography

I love giving my students the opportunity to do a fun project during the year.  In 5th grade it's important to start paving the way for our students to include a bibliography in their projects/presentations so that they get into the habit of giving credit to the resources they have used.  I remember vigorously memorizing the format for citing a source into MLA format and how complicated it was!  Luckily, there are now some great websites that make this process so much easier!

My class is currently working on their WWI/1920s Important People Project in which they are essentially writing a biography about an important person during this time period.  I normally give them the option to either write a biography or create a Power Point.  This year, I am having all students create a Power Point so that they learn about incorporating multimedia components into their projects.  The last slide of their Power Point is the bibliography.

I have created a quick video to show you how to use Easybib ( ) to have your students cite their sources.  It's INCREDIBLY easy.  I have actually shared the video with the parents from my class and will have it available for my students to reference as they continue to work on their projects.  They will definitely be ahead of the game when they get to middle school.

Check it out here: