Monday, September 5, 2016

Target Adhesive Labels for the Classroom

As a teacher, I think there's no denying an unhealthy obsession with Target.  My shopping cart seldom passes the Target Dollar Spot without stopping and raiding the shelves.  Recently I've seen a lot of educational products in the Dollar Spot and I fell in love with their adhesive pocket labels this summer.  You know, those clear , square pockets with a peel-off back that can stick to anything?  Well, it turns out that they're very sturdy.  I can't wait to tell you how I've decided to use them in my classroom.

Check out a Facebook Live video I did that explains how I use them in detail:

One way that I've been using them is for book bin labels (see the yellow labels on the bins in the picture):
I've also been using them on my students' desks to help them with things like organization and providing resources in different subject areas.  I have created various types of checklists (morning and afternoon routines, Daily 5) and resources such as an editing marks cheat sheet, multiplication charts, and more.  It's been very helpful with students who may forget to pack things before going home or who need a helpful reminder about our morning routine.

I have created a packet of various types of inserts for these pocket labels that you can find HERE.  The file has EDITABLE checklists, so you can customize them to meet your students' needs.

These have been so awesome for my students and I can't wait to see what I can create from my Target Dollar Spot finds next!

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