Sunday, September 18, 2016

Using Quizizz with Google Classroom

How many of you love to use technology in your classroom?  I feel like I'm always searching for new, innovative ways to engage my students in our curriculum as well as finding opportunities for assessment.  I can't wait to tell you how I'm using Quizizz and Google Classroom with my students this year.
Quizizz is a great online assessment resource that allows your students to complete quizzes interactively, either live with the rest of your class, or on their own time.  You can have all students taking a Quiz at one time and view the results as they are taking it, or you can assign it in the future and download all the results when they're complete.  It's also really easy to customize quizzes already made and make your own new quizzes specific to what you're doing in the classroom.

My favorite part?  Did you know that if you assign a quiz for homework, you can connect it to Google Classroom?  Now I'm able to assign digital homework and set it up so that it's scheduled to send out to my students each day.  It sure beats making copies of assignments and having them get left either at school or at home.

Check out my tutorial video to see how you can utilize Quizizz and also incorporate it into Google Classroom:


  1. I love using Quizizz in homework mode too. It's like a quieter version of Kahoot! when used in the classroom, and students are eager to play multiple times to master the content.

  2. I love Quizizz and used it for the first time yesterday, my only problem is that I assigned the same activity to all of my Google classroom classes, so my summary report came out with all the students’ results. How do I set up individual Quizizz assn. for each class.?

    1. Hi Lise. I'm sorry for the delay in my reply! When you assign a quizizz as homework, there's the option to send it out through Google Classroom. When you click on that, it prompts you to choose which Google Class you want to push it out to.