Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Classification Unit for Google Classroom

Science hasn't typically been my favorite subject to teach in the past, but this year I've been trying to make it more fun.  I decided to try something new when planning my unit on Classification.  In previous years, I have read through the textbook and given the test from the book to my kids.  Boring!  Keep reading to see how I made this unit interactive and engaging through the use of technology, specifically, Google Classroom!

I have written out explicit lesson plans for introducing the unit with the class as well as how to incorporate each of the components below:

Before you even begin the unit I give my students a pre assessment.  The pre assessment allows me to see what my class already knows and exactly who knows what about classification.  The pre assessment is in a google form that I send out to them in Google Classroom.  It's incredibly easy, it grades their assessment right away, and it gives me instant data!
Classwork and Research:
First, your students will use links in their directions page to research the different types of Classification.  They will fill in their Google Doc with information they gather from their research.
Students will show what they know from their research by creating a Google Slides presentation.  I have provided a pre-made presentation that you can give them as an outline.  For students who struggle with organization, this is a great way for them to know that they are on track to having all slides required for the project.  Students may use the slides provided and add their information, or create their own slides.
Presentation:  I have my students present their presentations when they are all finished.  This is a great way to have students practice public speaking and for them to show off their hard work to their peers.  My students LOVED doing this.  While they present, I'm able to quickly grade their presentations with....
Each student will receive a copy of a digital blank rubric in Google Sheets.  It's already formatted, so all you have to do is open that child's copy, add the scores, and it calculates their grade on the bottom!
Post Assessment:
After the unit is over, I give my students a post assessment, which is similar to the pre assessment but with different questions.  This is also in Google Forms so the grades and data are generated immediately.
This unit has been one of my most successful as a teacher, and one of the most fun for my students.  Their growth from the pre to the post assessment was outstanding and a great data piece to show administration.

Find this pack HERE.

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