Tuesday, July 31, 2018

An Interactive Place Value Chart!

It can be a challenge to get students to really understand place value, whether it's reading and writing numbers in different forms, comparing them, etc.
I'm so excited about this interactive place value chart that is hands-on and also saves you on colored printer ink!
Individual student place value charts allow all students to participate while one is using the large interactive chart.

Use these yellow frames to help students compare numbers by finding the largest digit in which they differ. 
8 types of place value charts for EACH range of place values: ones to hundred millions,  ones to hundred billions, thousandths to hundred millions, thousandths to hundred billions
Some fun uses:

  • Read a number to your students and have them form the number in standard form on the chart (whole numbers or decimals)
  • Have students create a number and challenge a partner to write that number in different forms
  • When comparing two numbers, have students form the numbers on both levels of the chart so that they can see where the numbers differ to determine >, <, or =
  • Teach the concept of the relationship between the same digit in different place values (a 9 that is 10x the value of the 9 in the other number)

There are so many options for using this chart to teach, reinforce, and intervene with place value.  I can't wait to share more activities that your students can use with this chart.  Find it here.

Printing options:

  • large place value chart:  I print each set of values on a different color paper to make them stand out.
  • smaller individual charts:  I try to print each type of chart on different colored paper so that students can quickly identify which place value chart they need to use or which one we're using as a group.  
  • ***CLICK HERE*** to access a list of materials that I used to help in creating and assembling this chart.    (Amazon Affiliate link)

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