About Me

My name is Terry.  I'm originally from New Jersey, but but moved to Atlanta after I finished college.  I received a degree in Advertising from Penn State University and completed my Post Baccalaureate Certificate and Master's Degree in Education from Drexel University.

This is my 9th year teaching and I have spent my career in many different positions.  My first year of teaching, I was placed in third grade, which I really enjoyed.  Next, I spent two years as a drama specialist for grades K-5.  Since then, I have spent the last four years of my career teaching 5th grade in Atlanta, GA.  I have really enjoyed 5th grade and become very familiar with the curriculum.

I enjoy blogging because it has helped me to connect and communicate with other teachers around the country.  It allows me to share what I am doing in the classroom and resources that I have created.

To contact me directly, you can e-mail me at terrysteachingtidbits@gmail.com

Instagram:  @terrysteachingtidbits

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  1. I am mathematic educator in Turkey. I liked your blog and activities.